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It might seem weird describing someone like the perfect cup of coffee but to me, she was. Her light tanned skin like coffee with the perfect amount of milk in it, her scent one of coffee and sugar that lingers in the air even after she’s gone, deep brown hair the same color as fresh black coffee with curls reminding me of the perfect pour. Clear blue-silver eyes like the sugar sparkling in the morning as you pour it in. Her figure curvy and full, I could only imagine holding her would be like holding a mug first thing in the morning, satisfying and awakening. All though I do not know her well enough to enjoy her taste I can only imagine the sweetness it must hold and the lingering taste it has on my tongue. A personality just like the bitterness of the coffee but just as sweet as the sugar inside once taken care of. She is strong willed and driven just like any good cup of coffee can make you feel but also has her moments of tenderness and caring once the sugar is added. S
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Pony-sona? :iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 0 0 Childs Play :iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 1 0 Quilt Poster :iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 0 0
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Dirty Desire :iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 2 4
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Through the Glass
Through the glass, dear Alice looked.
A cat she saw, with a Cheshire grin.
"Come now Alice", the grinning cat called.
"We're all Mad here!", a clock did toll.
Through the glass, Alice did fall.
Down the rabbit hole, as time did stop.
"Who are you?", a voice did call.
"Are you Her?", it questioned.
Through the glass, Alice was now.
In the dreams, the Wonderland.
"Come now Alice", the twins did call.
"To the tea party!", a Hatter exclaimed.
Through the glass, an down the hole.
Into dreams, a Wonderland.
Alice felt home, with the Wonderfolk.
Truth be told, dear Alice is Dead!
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                I couldn’t take it; my body felt like it was on fire. He had let me like this hours ago, a small bullet placed against my pussy kept there by the lace panties he had me wearing. Moaning the speed kept changing, he had it programed so it would vary in speed and pattern and at times it would turn off. My dripping wet pussy was going crazy, my head felt dizzy, and all I wanted was to feel the pleasing release of cumming. Panting I waited in my cage, I wanted to relive myself, I wanted to feel a release. Pushing my butt against one of the cage bars I began to rub, the slight friction giving me some satisfaction but not enough to give myself a much needed release. Whines and moans filled the apartment as I waited, longed for him to come home.

                Hearing the sound of the front door open I wanted to call out in excitement, the only thing that escaped my mouth as a loud moan though. The toy had jumped back on to max vibration, the feeling driving my body crazy as I shook and rocked my hips. Desperation was kicking in; I had edged so much I ached to cum. I wanted to feel his cock inside me dripping pussy, I wanted to be fucked more than I could handle. Hearing his steps moving to the room I whined and waited, his steps took forever. I wondered if he purposefully was taking his time. Seeing the door open I watched as he stepped in, a sharp smirk painted onto his face as he stared at me in the cage. Amusement clearly in his eyes as he watched me squirm, my pants and moans mixing together as I stared at him with lustful eyes, walking to the cage he stood there watching. I could see a slight bulge against his pants and knew he enjoyed this sight. The sight of me lost in endless pleasure as I broke, my body craving sex, my pussy dripping with anticipation. Turning the toy off he opened the cage, before he could swing the door fully open I was out and against him. Nuzzling at his crotch I wanted him so bad, my mind only thinking about his dick. Using my mouth I unzipped his pants while my fingers struggled with his button. Helping me he watched as I pulled his pants and boxers off, my tongue eagerly meeting his dick. Lustful licks moved across his dick as I traced his full length. The more I licked the harder he got, soon I couldn’t wait I wanted it in my mouth. Sucking on his tip I could feel his hand on my head, grabbing at my hair he pulled me away. Letting out a whine I tried to lick him but was out of reach, looking up at him I let out whimpers.

                “Such a horny Pet today, did that toy work you up that bad?” a chuckle leaving his lips, he knew it did.

                “Yes Master! My cunt is soaked and just wants to be filled. Please Master let me pleasure you, I want to be a good whore for you!” wagging I whined more and looked at his dick; I wanted it inside me so bad but knew I had to suck on it first. I didn’t mind, sucking on it only drove me crazier.

                “Good, get to it then.” Pushing me to him I began sucking, my lips wrapping around his dick as I sucked, my tongue moving along his length. I didn’t even have to move my head, holding onto my hair he practically fucked my mouth himself. His dick sliding in and out as I sucked harder, my tongue moving around as much as it could with his thick dick filling my mouth. With each thrust I could feel my pussy dripping, the desire to have it filled only increasing. Pulling me off his dick suddenly he smirked, “does this whore want her cunt filled then?”

                “Yes Master!” panting I looked up at him, my eyes glazed.

                “Get into position then and beg like a good bitch!” letting go of my hair he watched as I scrambled onto the bed, getting onto my hands and knees I lowered my chest. With my ass in the air I spread my legs and wagged like a good girl, panting I looked back at him. I could see his eyes watching me as he slowly began to undress.

                “Please Master I want you so bad! I want your dick to fuck me and use my cunt for pleasure! I want you to be rough and aggressive with my body! I’m Master’s whore to use and fuck as he pleases! Please Sir I want my wet cunt fucked! I can’t take it much longer, I want to be fucked!” whining I wagged more, my body tingling with desire. Feeling his hands moving along my ass I gasped lightly, he enjoyed these light touches along my body. With a hard slap his hand met my ass, yelping I arched my back. Spanking me again he watched as my ass grew redder and my pussy dripped even more.

                “You’ve been a good girl, and good girls deserve rewards right?” feeling his dick now against my pussy as he got onto the bed I gasped with a nod.

                “Yes Master! Good girl wants a reward!” wagging I tried to push him inside me, feeling his tip against my pussy I just wanted him inside me.

                “Then take your reward.” Slamming into me suddenly I let out a loud moan, my back arching as I grabbed at the sheets. The feeling of his dick suddenly inside me was enough to make me want to cum. Sliding in and out he slammed into me, his thrusts forceful and rough. Moaning I lost all control of myself, I could do nothing but focus on the pleasure of his dick inside my wet cunt. “Oh god your cunt is so wet! Such a good bitch!” putting a hand on my shoulder he pushed in deeper, feeling his tip deep inside me I couldn’t help but cum. My body tightening as it finally released, moaning loudly I pushed my body into him. As I came I could hear him groan, his dick suddenly being squeezed by my cunt. “Just like that, cum for me you whore.” Pounding he didn’t stop, I was his to fuck till he was done. His hand moving now to my neck as he squeezed slightly, being pushed to the bed he pounded my cunt. His thrusts hard and powerful as his grip reminded me of my place.

                “Yes, oh fuck yes!” moaning louder I stuck my tongue out panting. “I’m Master’s whore to fuck! Oh god yes my cunt!”

                “Good, this cunt loves being fucked into submission doesn’t it?” pounding deep and hard he tightened his grip around my neck. Letting out a loud moan like gasp I couldn’t help but rock my hips with him.

                “Yes Master!” moaning I wanted more, I wanted his dick to use me over and over. I could already feel my body aching to cum again. Pounding he kept moving, I knew he was close to cumming as his dick grew harder suddenly. Feeling his hand move from my neck I leaned into his thrusts, his hand now moving to my clit as he began to rub. Panting I was going crazy, the combination of my clit and cunt being pleasured was sending me over the edge.

                “Fuck, I’m going to fill this cunt of yours with cum!” growling he leaned down and bit my shoulder.

                “Yes Master! Please fill my cunt with all your cum!” panting I wanted it so bad, I wanted to feel his hot sticky cum inside me pussy. Fucking  me harder and harder I could feel his desire to cum. Rubbing me more he pushed inside me as deep as he could. With a sudden thrust he came, all his cum filling deep inside me as my own body began to cum. Moaning loudly I tensed up, my back arching as he sank his teeth into my shoulder. Shaking as I came I milked his dick of all his cum. Once he was done he pulled out, my body collapsing onto the bed as I shook in pleasure. Lying next to me he pulled me over, my body pulling away slightly at his touch but relaxing once he had me. Laying there he said nothing just held me, he knew what I needed and that was his love and care. 

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“Come over here Sweetie.” I heard the gentle voice of my Master call; he was laying on the bed reading as I finished getting ready for bed in the bathroom. Walking out of the bathroom I saw him lying in bed, from what I could see with the cover over his lower half he was naked. I knew he liked sleeping like that against me; he enjoyed feeling our skin against each other. With a small blush I walked over and stood next to the bed, I was being a good girl tonight and waited for his approval to get into bed. “Strip first then get in.” He knew I had just gotten into the nightgown I was wearing but he didn’t care. With a little hesitation I let the nightgown slip off my body before slipping into the covers. Turning onto my side he curled up behind me pressing his body against mine, his arm wrapping around me holding me against him. “That’s better, comfy?” his voice soft as he spoke against my neck.

“Yes Sir.” I said softly, my eyes closing as I relaxed against him.

“Good” his lips moving softly over my skin as he spoke, his warm breath sending chills down my spine. Pushing his hips into me suddenly I let out a soft gasp, I wasn’t expecting the sudden motion nor was I ready for him to be so hard. A blush forming on my face as he kissed my neck gently, his arms tightening around me as he held me against him, I knew he wasn’t going to just let me go. Kissing my neck again I could feel a hand slowly move to one of my breasts, finding my nipple he became circling it ever so lightly. Biting my lip softly I let out a soft gasp, without warning he bit my neck. He didn’t bite hard but just enough to get my attention.

“Master?” blushing I didn’t know what to do.

“Yes Pet?”

“W-what are you doing?” blushing as he bit harder I gasped.

“I want you. I want to feel my skin on yours, bite you, kiss you, eat you and fuck you.” His words becoming a growl as he bites my neck harder, his fingers lightly clawing at my breast as my cheeks flushed more and a small whine like gasp escaped my lips. I knew he was losing himself in his lust; he was letting his raw desire show. It was rare he let himself go, let himself be free to his inner desire but tonight he didn’t care. He wanted to show me his predatory lust and I wanted it. Without warning he pulled away, his body leaving mine before quickly forcing me onto my stomach. His hands grabbing my wrists as he pinned them to the bed, his body pressed against mine as he held me under him. Like this I was helpless, I couldn’t move away or resist him. “I own you.” He growled as he bites my shoulder, his bite was hard and almost painful for once.

Letting out a small whine I lowered my shoulder the best I could, my head lowering as I took in a sharp breath “y-yes Sir” I managed to say.

“Good bitch.” Grinding against me I could feel his hard cock rub against my pussy, “is my slut already wet?” blushing I didn’t know what to say, I knew I didn’t have to say anything he already knew. It was true that I was, the way he was acting was exciting me faster than normal. Grinding more he bite more, he avoided the same spot as he oved along my shoulder.

“Master.” I gasped as I pressed my hips into his, he was driving me crazy and I was reaching my breaking point. I wanted him; I wanted him to do all those things to me. I wanted him to lose himself in his lust and fuck me. “Please, I can’t take it.”

“Has my little bitch already broken, you want it that bad huh?” chuckling as he kissed my neck he rubbed his cock against me more, sliding against my pussy I let out a small moan.

“Yes Sir, please.” With a small whine I rocked my hips against him, I’d never felt so dazed before. I normally had the urge to fight him, a wild un-submissive side but for once all I wanted was to obey. I wanted to please him, to submit to his wild raw domination. I wanted him to fully and completely dominate and claim me as his.

“Beg; show me how much my little bitch wants her Master.” Biting my neck he sucked, his hips moving with mine.

“Please Master fuck me, I want you. I want Master to fuck my pussy with his hard dick. I want you to fuck me and use me how you wish. Please Sir I’m your little fuck toy!” whining I rocked my hips against him, his dick rubbing against my pussy as I gasped.

His bite getting harder on my neck as I whined, a low growl coming from him as he pushed against me, “you are mine” with that he pushed inside me. A loud moan leaving my lips as my back arched, my nails digging into the sheets of the bed as I grabbed onto them. His body moving against mine as he moved in and out, his normal gentleness lost to his lust. Thrusting in he hit hard, our bodies meeting again and again. He had only just begun to use me and I was already losing my mind, my body going crazy. Letting out moans as he thrusted into me I could do nothing but give in, my body reacting on its own as I rocked against him, my hips moving in time with him. “Just like that bitch.” Digging his nails into my wrists I let out a small whine. I knew by morning I would be covered in his markings, my body would show who owned me.

“Oh fuck Master!” panting as he thrusts deeper I tilted my head back, his lips moving to my shoulder once more as he bit. The pain of his bite mixed with the pleasure of his thrusts was amazing, the mix of sensations making me weak to him. His hips meeting mine over and over as he thrusted into me, my breathing becoming erratic as I panted and moaned more. Moving harder against me he moved to my other shoulder, his teeth biting once more into me. Gasping I lowered my chest and pressed my hips deeper into him, like this he could push as deep as he wanted. I was his to use and his alone. Panting I rocked my hips the best I could to keep up with him I desired more. Pushing as deep as he could suddenly I let out an unexpected gasp of pleasure, my tongue sticking out as I panted with a lustful smile.

“Have I broken the bitch?” biting my shoulder harder he growled, my gasps turning into a whine. Lowering my shoulder the best I could I didn’t know what to say, words didn’t want to form only moans. “Answer me!” he growled out pulling at my flesh.

“Ah! Y-yes Sir!” whining I pulled away slightly, my body reacting to the pain. Thrusting hard suddenly I moaned, he wasn’t letting me pull away, he wasn’t done with me.

“Don’t you dare more” he growled in my ear “you are my whore to fuck.” Slowly clawing up my arms he thrusted harder and deeper. Even though my arms where free I refused to resist him, I wanted to submit, to please. Grabbing at the sheets I moaned louder, my body his to use. Feeling his nails claw their way down my back I shivered, the feeling causing my back to arch in both pain and pleasure. Finding my hips he dug his nails into them as he rammed into me. Like this he had full control of me, he could move me how he pleased and use me all he wanted. His dick hitting deep inside me as he thrusted harder, his body pounding against mine, moans filled our room as I lost control of my voice.

“Fuck yes!” I moaned out feeling his dick slam inside me, he knew just where to hit and when to do so. With each passing minute my body got closer and closer to cumming. My body tensing up as I tightened around him, I could tell he enjoyed the feeling. His breathing becoming grunts as he clawed more at my hips. “Oh fuck I want to cum!” biting my lip I moaned in pleasure.

“I haven’t said you could now have I?” even without seeing his face I knew he was smirking. He loved to deny me the ability to cum, he loved controlling it.

“N-no Sir.” Gasping I lowered my head; my body was on edge it wanted to cum.

“Beg for it then, show me how bad you want to cum.” Thrusting harder into me he growled.

“I want to cum so bad Master, please can I? I want to cum as Master pounds into my wet pussy! Please Sir I can’t hold it back much longer.” Moaning with a soft whine I bite at the sheets, he knew I was at my breaking point, he could feel it.

“Then cum like a little whore.” Thrusting deep he slapped my ass suddenly, gasping I arched my back. His body pounding into me as I lost all control, cumming suddenly my body filled with pleasure. Panting I grabbed at the sheets and pressed into him. Even with me cumming he kept moving, his dick pounding harder and harder. He would fuck me till he came, he didn’t care how much he made me cum. “Good, lose yourself just like that.” Spanking me again I gasped, with each thrust in he gave me another spank. The more he fucked me the more I lose myself, the pleasure consuming me. I wanted nothing more but for him to fuck me, nothing more to be used for his pleasure. Rocking my hips with him I could feel him beginning to tense up, he was fighting the urge to cum now. It had been over an hour and I knew he wanted to cum, his body desired a release. Rocking my hips with him I panted, my body serving to satisfy him. “Mmm, just like that. Move those hips whore.” Clawing my hips he bite my shoulder once more. Moaning as he thrust deep inside me I moved with him, my body craving his cum as I felt my own desire to cum once more.

“Fuck Master I want your cum! I want to feel it inside me as you claim me.” panting I moved faster and harder.

“My little whore will get her filling then.” Without warning he moved a hand between my legs, feeling his fingers on my clit I lost it. My panting becoming louder as I pushed my hips as hard as I could into him. The feeling of his dick pounding into my pussy and my clit being rubbed was driving me over the edge.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” practically shouting I bit the sheets, my body cumming hard from the mix of stimulation. Pushing deep inside of me I felt him release, his cum filling my pussy claiming me as his. Thrusting a few more time he pulled out, my body now free I collapsed onto the bed. My breathing heavy as I tried to catch my breath, I could feel my heart racing inside my chest as I lay there. Pulling me to him as he lay next to me he stroked my hair softly.

“Good girl, you did amazing.” His voice gentle now as he held me, all primal lust gone and replaced with his normal gentle nature. “Was I to rough on you?” Shaking my head I nuzzled into his chest, my breathing still fast as I tried to calm down. “I’m glad, do you need anything?”

“Master cuddles.” I managed to mumble into his chest, he knew I got clingy after sex. All I wanted was cuddles and affection to know I was loved and not just a toy. Petting my hair he held me close, listening to his own heart beat slow and return to normal so did mine. “Master okay?” my voice almost a whisper as I lay against him.

“I’m fine; I’m more worried about you. I don’t want to have hurt you.”

“I’m ok, just tired.” Closing my eyes I felt myself fighting sleep, I had no energy and just wanted to pass out.

“Okay, sleep then Sweetie. I will be right here with you.” Petting my hair more he kissed my head softly. Smiling a little I nuzzled him again and relaxed.

“Night Master, love you.” Mumbling against him I felt myself driving asleep, before I completely fell asleep I could hear him respond with an “I love you too.”
Primal Instinct
This is a erotica I wrote after my boyfriend/Master went a bit primal on me. It was fun to write though I feel the last bit is a bit rushed...Oh well it works right? I hope people enjoy it!
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So anyone who has read my story Break Me knows I said I was going to write more. I am and I promise I will get it up soon! I'm just finishing a bit between the two characters at this time! I'm almost done and I promise it should be just as interesting as the first is more backstory I guess then anything but who cares! Backstory is important too!!!

Hope you can wait for the update!


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